Saturday, March 04, 2006

Big Ol' Dump o' Delight

Snailhouse - Birds and Bees
Mike Feuerstack did double-time for the amazing Woodentops, who spent some time on Fastbacker's floor while on tour with god's gift to sad, lovely people, Julie Doiron. Feuerstack, who continues to perform and record as Snailhouse on his own with various chums, makes marvelous sad music on his own, as evidenced by this gorgeous, languid track. To recap: amazing, marvelous, sad, gorgeous, languid, download.

Raising the Fawn - Carbon Paper
Keeping with the theme of North-of-here stars pollenating bands here and there with their talents, here, sometimes Broken Social Scene member John Crossingham's Raising the Fawn do a strident, huge, towering guitars thing, enough to leave you pleasantly exhausted at the end of it all.

Sarah Asher - Where the Grass is Green
After all that, why not a dash of simple, melancholy, countrified folk from Columbus, Ohio's Sarah Asher to cleanse the palate? Tickling the tongue and lingering long on the finish, like some kind of wine or something, Asher's music recalls all kinds of vocalists I'm too lazy to think of right now. Somebody help me. Come on.

Bakelite - Pay Back the Weight
Bakelite come on like a ton of flying electrified manhole covers, so heads up. They bring their particular brand of crush right up in your face and spray you with motherfucking chocolate syrup. And hey, has anyone noticed this Canada thing? Somebody should get on that. I think there might be a "scene" there.

Lying In States - QG
Chicago's Lying in States hit the indie rock sweet spot, somewhere near where American Analog Set and Death Cab do their thing. This reminds me very strongly of Ditch Croaker and the Walkmen. There, I managed to cram in four solid references while also avoiding use of the word "guitar."

Ecstatic Sunshine - Wavechop
Matt Papich and Dustin Wong make ridiculously delirious guitar-on-guitar spazz music that still manages to pack in melody and enough homespun, dramatic twists and turns to make listening to their music a little bit like watching that old Fischli and Weiss video art piece The Way Things Go, which was ripped off for a Honda commercial.


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