Saturday, October 22, 2005

You're So Young and I'm So Well Hung

Link I saw Diamond Nights at their EP record release a while back. They had that "classic" rock band magic; each member pulling the on-stage persona (the cocky, aloof singer; the clean cut, virtuoso guitarist; the dirty coke-head mustachioed bassist; the happy-go-lucky drummer with a huge pile of curly locks, a shit-eating grin and a mic for "singing along.") Dancing hipster girls, strategically placed in the front and an ultra tight sound that mashed BOC, Thin Lizzy, Urge Overkill, Billy Idol into a pop friendly arena-rock sound didn't hurt neither. This was the only thing I listened to for a week, and that's saying a lot these days.

Diamond Nights - Destination Diamonds
Diamond Nights - Dirty Thief


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