Saturday, December 10, 2005

Found: Pound

I've had this curiosity over what happened to the guy from Vitreous Humor and the Regrets. I've always felt like VH were by far the best thing to come out of 90s powerhouse label Crank! (aside, of course, from the paradigm-setting Haywood/Mariner Nine split 7"). But I've never lifted a damn finger to even so much as google him. Never, that is, until today. Today, I have googled. And, lo and behold, my investigation required that I go less than one results page deep. Fruitful, this google. My findings, for your perusal, follow below.

Danny Pound continues to play out of Lawrence, KS as Danny Pound and/or the Danny Pound Band. They are decidedly more up the middle than both of his prior bands (although I guess that depends on where you sit)-- a kind of rootsy, major key bar band, and Danny's quavery talk-singing has sort of settled into a more tuneful, subdued vein. It's quite nice, this new music. Here's a song for you:

Danny Pound - Put It Down

More tracks to be found at his website, here. Buy the record here. And, to top it off, there are more mp3s and a videohere.

And, since I'm in the bonus kind of mood lately, here's a track each from his former ensembles.

Vitreous Humor - She Eats Her Esses
Buy it!

Regrets - I Have the Tools
Buy it!


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