Sunday, July 15, 2007

Philly Style #2147a

The Electric Love Muffin
Playdoh Meathook
1987 Buy Our Records, Vauxhall NJ. BOR 12-012.

Side 1
Backstreet Ride
I Should Have
Look For Me
Norwegian Wood
This Time I'm Gone

Side 2
Blackness That Could be Blue
The Muffin March
One Year Removed
Tomorrow's Regrets
Magna Opus

recorded at Spectrum Studios, October 1985.
engineered by "Baba O' Schlepski"
mastered by chris gehringer at frankford/wayne nyc

The Muffin brought it, man. They bra..tit. Thrashy stoner punk, rave-ups, power pop. You couldn't find music more perfect for a Lazy Philly Summer (TM). If you think you could, play it for me and I will tell you you're sorely mistaken. And don't even make me post another track from Rassafranna.

More about the ELM at Everything2 and Trouser Press.

And they have a MySpace page.
And here they are covering Norwegian Wood live at CB's in March 1987.


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