Thursday, October 27, 2005

In your stomach, in your mouth, in your tongue

My first lovebomb for the ears comes from Estonian indie röck legends Röövel Ööbik. Maybe someone else can offer more insight on their current "dancier" body of work (under the name Una Bomba), but all I can say is my brother gave me this Estonian rock comp called "Eesti Rock No. 11" in the late-early nineties, and this indie rock song, nestled there among the metal and new wave holdovers, cried out to me with urgency (as if in an emergency). Founded in the summer of 1987 by Raul Saaremets (formerly of punk heroes Must Mamba), the Ööbik have been kicking it in one way or another since then (even scoring the only-ever Eesti slot on John Peel's show in 1993). Anyway, it's all here, at a label called Umblu.

Röövel Ööbik - Inner Sun


  • At 3:18 PM, Blogger fastbacker said…

    Nicely played Kurtis. I like the singer's nasally sneer and the skittery hi-hats (those beats always make me think of Sleepyhead.) The bar has definitely be raised; now back to the vaults to build an Eastern Block...block.


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