Monday, December 12, 2005

Top 10 for 2005: fastbacker

My list is in no particular order, nor do I make any claim to be comprehensive or even that well informed about what came out this year...these are simply some records that I really enjoyed and had the urge to play repeatedly. It's a pretty typical indie-rock selection, but hey, what can I do.

Sigur Ross - Takk

featured track - Hoppipolla
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The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday

featured track - How A Resurrection Really Feels
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Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene

featured track - It's All Gonna Break
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Feist - Let It Die

featured track - Lonely Lonely
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LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

featured track - Disco Infiltrator
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Clap Your Hands say Yeah - Clap Your Hands say Yeah

featured track - Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
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Lavender Diamond - The Cavalry of Light

featured track - You Broke My Heart
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Bloc Party -Silent Alarm

featured track - Like Eating Glass
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Diamond Nights - Once We Were Diamonds

featured track - Dirty Thief
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Stars - Set Yourself On Fire

featured track- Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
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  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger Kurtis of Rambis Manor said…

    It is really no wonder, my friend; after all, 2005 was the year in which indie rock finally started bringing home the bacon. We should form a band and cash in!


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