Monday, February 13, 2006

Feelin' a lil' punky.

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I'm not punk. Never was, never will be. But, being human, I must listen to the punk now and again, even though it's only to pretend that I'm angry and youthish for the benefit of maintaining a salaried position at a job that caters to the youths. Here I present a sampling of recent things you might find in my collection.

From Toronto, Brutal Knights are indeed brutal and chivalrous whilst discussing the art of gaily pleasuring oneself whilst watching in the mirror.
Brutal Knights - Self Gay Handjob
You should be able to pick it up here.

Santa Rosa, California's Ashtray employ a multi-gender vocal front, providing the kind of aural irritation that good punk should. Reminds me of East Bay punk heroes Blatz.
Ashtray - Joe Morato Bomb
For purchase.

Then there's Manitoba's Propagandhi, who have been making searing, articulate metal-inflected radical leftist punk for almost 2 decades. In an era where bands prefer to stick with more generalized "political" speech, a new Propagandhi record always means a good solid lyric sheet full of underreported stories, and movement-stirring leads.
Propagandhi - Die Jugend Marschiert
You can buy it here.

Jade Tree manage to consistently put out a solid blend of the indie and punk. Orlando's New Mexican Disaster Squad fall right into line with Paint it Black, Kid Dynamite, etc..
New Mexican Disaster Squad - Tightrope
Preorder now!

Picking up where Lifetime left off, and throwing in a hefty dose of power pop, Philadelphia's Loved Ones, who have also worked with Jade Tree, do a decidedly more melodic thing. Dirty enough to set itself apart from mainstream pretenders, the Loved Ones' music (or at least this track) gives a lyrical tip o' the ol' cap to the Boss.
The Loved Ones - Jane
It's buyable very soon.


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