Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little more calm

If you haven't made yourself familiar with Prof. Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog, now would be a good time. In the last 48 hours, things on the ground in Iraq have gone from very bad to worse, as Sunni attacks breed Shiite reprisals and vice versa.

It's not getting so much front-page coverage in the US press yet, but even über-dick Bill O'Reilly, albeit in a necessarily (for him) semi-sarcastic cop-out, is calling for "cutting-and-running" all of a sudden. If it takes O'Reilly to get people to realize that we need a plan like Murtha's or even the more tepid version that may soon be put forward by Dems, then so be it.

I hope that calm can prevail somehow.


Debussy - Clair de Lune Alexis Weissenberg
Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel Dietmar Schwalke, violoncello; Alexander Malter, piano
Chopin - Ballade No. 4, Op. 52 in Fmin Arthur Rubinstein
Ryan Adams - Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play that Part
Nina Simone - I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Cat Power - In This Hole


  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger m said…

    thanx for the links


  • At 8:58 AM, Blogger Papa Jazz said…

    Looks like a great selection of music. Look forward to listen to it! I'm downloading 'em now!


  • At 6:32 PM, Anonymous mags said…

    i liked you from the moment i saw the 2 1/2 pounds of bacon. who can resist that?! BUT, then you go on to post claire de lune! it's almost too much to handle... thanks!

  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger snowqueen said…

    Arvo Part - mmmm. Tx

  • At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Mr. Black said…

    so you would prefer a world with Saddam pulling out the tongues of little boys and girls in front of their parents?

  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Mr. Rainbow said…

    You would prefer a world where the Shiite death squads and Sunni bombers do the same? Wait, no, you would prefer a world where sudden, random death and destruction rain down on those children and their parents? You prefer a world where those people die in a civil war? How about a world in which they die in the middle of a clash of multiple middle eastern nations fighting over vested interest in the pieces of Iraq?

    I agreed with the goal, not the method and the rank incompetence with which it was carried out. All that said, what I really want to hear now are some ideas on what to do now.

  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Kurtis of Rambis Manor said…

    Wait, are you messing with me? Herb, is that you doing your Bill O' Reilly? Because even he's not doing his him anymore.

  • At 1:07 AM, Blogger fastbacker said…

    dude there is nothing calm about this Chopin piece. I'm wakin' up the neighbors!


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