Monday, July 16, 2007

Would-be civil servants, unite!

Hopes for the next administration:
1. There is still a government.
2. Responsible, intelligent people with big dreams want to work in it and on its behalf.
No small thing to ask for, considering what's gone down in the last six and a half years.

The Government Administrator
b/w Sugar Babe
1993 Hemiola Records, Leeds, UK (Hemiola #3)

John Rickman
Evan Shurak
Rob Christiansen
Andrew Beaujon

What a fist-pumper this is. No wonder John Peel dug it so deeply. In spite of all the joy provided by Christiansen's trombonery on the B-side, it's when he "plays guitar now brother" on this A-side that he kicks it like the go-to utility player, just matter-of-factly upping the ante per Mr. Beaujon's request. And it just keeps stepping on up for the remainder of the song, making it a jam to end all indie rock jams.

For more on Eggs, here's what AMG has to say.


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