Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Philly Style #1

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Okay. In some circles, "Philly Style" is used to describe a genre of music involving the presence of at least two lead vocalists-- both of whom might, at times, blend hip-hop, ragga, and sensitive heavy roc vocalisms-- fronting a band whose music tended to do the same, with some awesome off-the-rack fx thrown in.

But on 2.5 lbs. du Bacoin, I decree that it shall henceforth instead be used as a title for any and all posts bringing to light the actual great talents born of the city of loverly broth, past, present, and future. And so, I begin with this, from Philly natives Be Careful Little Hands, who came to my attention on some mp3 blog somewhere when their debut EP debuted in '03. There was great promise there-- quietly building dramatic, moody pop songs centered around simple fender rhodes-y melodies. I'm not sure when this song went up, but I didn't find it 'til today, and suffice it to say, this song raises the already high bar quite a bit higher. So much so that if BCLH actually tended this bar, one might have to ask for an absurdly tall stool. That's how good this song is.

Be Careful Little Hands - Torch

Future installments of Philly Style will hopefully leave no dusty corner of my (and presumably my blogging teammate's) record library untouched, although I have to admit I'm fairly short on Schoolly D joints.


  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger fastbacker said…

    That's a real nice tune! I will seek the album. We have gotten somewhat mellow in our old age, I believe. I will have to dig up some big rock soon....


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