Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In the meantime, The Raymond Brake

I figured, since there's been no posting in the interim, why not throw up the Raymond Brake, of which I spake in myne last poestinghe. They were quite good, and I think I saw them play with the ol' Mariner Nine, who were similarly quite good.

Here is the seriously anticipation-building leadoff track from their debut LP.

The Raymond Brake - Philistine
Buy it!

And, although for some reason I didn't get my ass in gear to get all "Here Are They Now" about this post, a little jaybird was kind enough to inform me that Andy Cabic, formerly of TRB, has continued as Vetiver. So here's some of that somewhat more acoustic, organic sound, from the debut Vetiver opus, which was followed up by a mini-album last year
Vetiver - On A Nerve
Vetiver - Farther On
Buy it!


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