Monday, February 27, 2006

Beat Planet Mix Tape Track 4

It's been a while since I returned to the totally lost, much fabled Beat Planet Mix Tape. I remember trying to rally the bands I played in in high school to cover this particular track from LA power-pop geniuses the Plimsouls, who were widely known thanks in part to repeat appearances on the Valley Girl soundtrack. I never got anywhere. Peter Case & company's studio work, which I discovered only after buying this live record in 1988, paled in comparison to the dirty, beery rock sound I had come to know and love and try to imitate. For my money, One Night in America is an essential rock record, worth having not only for these songs but also the selfless bevy of covers performed herein--ranging from The Outsiders ("Time Won't Let Me") and The Kinks ("Come On Now") to The Easybeats ("Sorry") and Larry Williams ("Dizzy Miss Lizzy"). Recorded in Cleveland (maybe-- even Case doesn't remember for sure) in 1981, this is the best way to hear the Plimsouls.

The Plimsouls - Now (live)
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As a bonus, here's another cut from the cd.

The Plimsouls - I'll Get Lucky (live)

And then, on a slight bonus tangent, because these two records go hand in hand for me, here's two helpings of Boston's Real Kids, also at their live rockingest, this one recorded live at Cantone's Italian Restaurant in 1982, and featuring the full, extended glory of "All Kindsa Girls" with the big breakdown.

The Real Kids - Senseless (live)

The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls (live)
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