Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ghosts In The Mobile

Despite getting the promos months after the records streeted, we were pleased to receive copies of the both the new Glenn Kotche (the Wilco drummer, you know) and reissued/expanded Brian Eno + David Byrne records. We got hip to the latter, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, about six years ago when a friend emailed the title over as a recommendation to complement our growing interest in listening to electronic music. The reissue comes with what looks like some really interesting and detailed liner notes -- so detailed in fact that we put them aside to read when we have time to pay proper attention. Our favorite track on the original issue remains our favorite on the new version of the record: the twinkling ambient experiment "Mountain of Needles."

Brian Eno + David Byrne -- "Mountain Of Needles" -- My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts [buy it!]

Somewhat surprisingly, the Kotche record goes very well with the Eno/Byrne thing, as its brand of conceptual 20th Century plinky minimalism of the Glass/Cage/Reich variety isn't too distant an acoustic cousin to Eno's electronic constructions. Kotche's record is called Mobile, and it sort of concerns itself with mobiles of the Calder variety, seeking to translate that visual structural expression into an aural one. We're particularly fond of the first two sections of the "Mobile" pieces, so here they are. They are grouped as a single cut on the record, and we present them the same way.

Glenn Kotche -- "Mobile Parts 1 & 2" -- Mobile [buy it!]


  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Anthony the l337 said…

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  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger J Epstein said…

    MLITBOG is one of my favorite albums EVER. Thanks for spreading the word!



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