Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Shape Of Shapes And Sizes To Come

Shapes And SizesThe forthcoming self-titled debut from Shapes And Sizes is many things: smart, articulate, earnest, whimsical. We've reviewed it here. At the close of the disc the Canadian quartet serves up a delightful swinger that recalls one of our other Canadian favorites, the undersung and now defunct Royal City, whose "And Miriam Took A Timbrel In Her Hand" closes the band's 2001 set Alone At The Microphone. The two tracks we're posting aren't chosen for any specific similarity, but we think they are both winners. Shapes And Sizes streets July 11 on Asthmatic Kitty.

Shapes And Sizes -- "Boy, You Shouldn't Have" -- Shapes And Sizes
Royal City -- "And Miriam Took A Timbrel In Her Hand" -- Alone At The Microphone

[Pre-order Shapes And Sizes from Insound here]
[Buy Alone At The Microphone from Insound here]


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