Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Inherit the Wind II : I.D. Boogaloo

I thought I might post some topical songs tonight, in light of recent news in the evolution vs. intelligent design (creationism's trojan horse) debate. The Kansas Board of Ed seems to have taken one big step away from science in the direction of something else. The residents of Dover, PA, however, threw out the whole lot of creationists from the school board. The court case is still pending.

I can't say with certainty which way our readership leans-- I'm still awaiting the research. But I can tell you that the great Gene McDaniels would seem to lean heavily toward the ID camp. (Actually, both were the work of songwriter Bob Elgin.)

Gene McDaniels - A Hundred Pounds of Clay

The golden-piped McDaniels grew up the son of a preacher in the Church of God and Christ, which is a pretty straightforward name for a church. He considered himself a jazz singer, and was well-versed in gospel and blues, but it was the big, syrupy-stringed pop gems (McDaniels considered them too "Mickey Mouse") that brought him the most commercial success. Go figure.

Gene McDaniels - Master Puppeteer

While there's an eerie similarity, both musically and lyrically speaking, to these two songs, a thorough collection of singles and rarities can be had thanks to the really excellent folks at Collectables Records, who have made a point of reissuing thousands of great old records that would've otherwise languished on someone's shelf.


  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger fastbacker said…

    Stellar post, my friend! These Gene McDaniels tracks are great, especially the overmixed tambourine "Master Puppeteer." Kind of a creepy image for God, but hey whatever makes the screaming stop.

    I did not know about the good times in Dover, PA either. Lost a state gut gained place.


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