Monday, March 13, 2006

Aye, take me back, ye laddies!

The thing about blog darlings Two Gallants is that Adam Stephens sings like all the hippy kids you ever knew in high school or college. His delivery has all the nasal, mildly off-key, quavery, emphatic! delivery of the hippy bard. But good God, this is how it should be done! Skip the quiet jam in the old cafeteria during free period, forgo tentative buskery in front of the Sam Goody in the Ardmore Village mall. Nay, this music should be played loudly, to the back row, with much crashing and bashing, and with conviction, man!

Two Gallants have nailed it. They make it urgent, they make it punk, and they make it fresh to order. Plus, they're about to start touring again, so get your tickets while you still can.
Two Gallants - Age of Assassins
Buy it!
Two Gallants - Fail Hard to Regain
Buy it!


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