Saturday, March 18, 2006

!Exclusive! The Get Quick -- With Synths

The Get QuickOver at the other blog I promised another dose of exclusive The Get Quick demos and b-sides, and here is where I deliver. As I've editorialized elsewhere, The Get Quick's debut How The Story Goes, released last summer, is a purposefully slick piece of power pop. In the context of the motherlode of unreleased stuff delivered to my door recently, the record is a middle ground that lies between other moodier, spacey material and really amped-up, lysergic rock. Below we're offering two tunes of the former flavor. The first, "Arp Music," is a surprisingly serene, synth-led instrumental that wanders up to a cliff and then falls right off. The second cut, a ballad titled "April Fools," has an undeniable hook that packs a bit of Westerbergian power a la "Answering Machine," (well, with an acoustic guitar). The tunes'll be up for a week, get 'em while you can.

The Get Quick -- Arp Music -- Unreleased
The Get Quick -- April Fools -- Unreleased

[Buy How The Story Goes from Insound]


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