Friday, March 24, 2006

Odds, ends

Just a few danglers I had floating around on their own, from early forays into digitizing my old collection. Really good things here.

The Lavender Faction - In My Mind
1990. Became an immediate obsession of mine upon joining up with my college radio station. Bought the two things I could find. Played them often. Swirly guitar pop of the sort that Slumberland bands were just starting to dip their toes into.
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Dexy's Midnight Runners - Plan B
1981. Kevin Rowlands has received enough press praising him as a genius before his time. I agree, for what it's worth. This track, in particular, takes you through a variety of scenic, souly moments with Kevin and his raggedy band of street urchins.
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Tuxedomoon - In A Manner of Speaking
1985. The lonely voice of Winston Tong in a cavern of despair. Martin Gore covered this on his "Compulsion" EP many years later.
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That Petrol Emotion - The Deadbeat
1986. Fresh out of the Undertones, the O'Neill brothers made an incredibly creative, underrated record of guitar pop. Allmusic tells me this record includes a cover of Pere Ubu's smash-hit Non-Alignment Pact, but my copy, unfortunately, seems to be missing that track. Maybe it's vinyl-exclusive...hey, is that my belly button?
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The Church - A Different Man
1982. For some time, this standout single was only available in the US only on an import CD. Now it's only available (I think) on a different import CD. For the record, I prefer the sound of the German polycarbonate to the French. Still one of my fave Church tracks.
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  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger jbreitling said…

    Holy crap, that Lavender Faction cut is awesome. Never heard of these guys. More please! (Or perhaps just float it to my inbox, daddy-o).

  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger Kurtis of Rambis Manor said…

    I'll see what I can do... an LF post wouldn't be a bad thing...I gotta revamp my Vinyl Conversion System first, though.

    And then I have to graduate from dork school.


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