Sunday, April 16, 2006

You Keep Me Coming Home Again

Sonic Youth -- Rather RippedWe suspect many of you are partaking of the same Easter celebration we are: listening to some rock and roll music. Started off the morning with coffee and a little Here Come The Warm Jets, and then moved on to the forthcoming Sonic Youth set Rather Ripped, which streets in June. In the spirit of the holidays (Passover too), we thought we'd share a little bit of the Sonic Youth with you.

Judging from the sudden swamping of the :: clicky clicky :: hit logs with searches for it, the venerable indie act's forthcoming record leaked about a week ago. We are pleased to say the record is a really nice listen. At first blush Rather Ripped comes off less arty and dissonant than earlier records, even the relatively straightforward but thoroughly excellent 2004 set Sonic Nurse. Here is one surprise: The verse of album opener "Reena" is reminiscent of Unrest, which we know is sort of putting the cart before the horse in terms of who probably influenced whom initially. But still, it sounds like an Unrest track, albeit more dense, until the heavy jam in the middle of the song. This song will only be up for 24 hours -- get it while it's hot:

Sonic Youth -- "Reena" -- Rather Ripped
[Buy Sonic Youth records, and eventually pre-order Rather Ripped, from Insound]


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