Monday, August 07, 2006

songs sung in unexpected languages

I have a themed posting to offer tonight: songs sung in unexpected languages by famous artists. I'll bet there's a whole blog dedicated to this somewhere.

The first track should come as no suprise; ABBA are Swedish and the Scandanavians are always good with the foreign languages (they kinda need to be.) In fact, ABBA recorded songs in Spanish, German, French, Swedish and English during their career and have an entire version of their greatest hits album in Spanish! Fellow Swedes Roxette do too.

ABBA - Waterloo (German Version)

Rockabilly crooner Roy Orbison provides the next track, also in German. Strangely, this sounds like it would be perfect for a slow dance under the stars at the Biergarten. Gotta get out to that spot in Astoria at some point. Roy also recorded a song in German called San Fernando, which besides being funny for the obvious reasons, would would have connected nicely to ABBA (through their song Fernando.) Unfortunately, that song was pretty boring.

Roy Orbison - Mama (German Version)

A few obscure facts:
1) David Lee Roth speaks fluent Spanish.
2) David Lee Roth recorded a Spanish language version of his solo debut, "Eat 'Em and Smile."
3) David Lee Roth released an album in 2003!!! It's called "Diamond Dave." This man will not be stopped. Please click and help me figure what the hell is up with the cover photo.

David Lee Roth - Asi Es La Vida (That's Life)


  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous vjb2 said…

    Personally, I'm far more fond of the spot across the street from the Biergarten. That's where the real Astorians drink.

    The DLR track is great for a chuckle, thanks.

  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger jon manyjars said…

    My first thoughts on this great topic are the early Beatles singles in German; the Frenchman who sang "Anarchie pour le U.K." on The Great Rock & Roll Swindle soundtrack; and the Spanish version of "Secret Agent Man" that was performed by the Plugz on the Repo Man soundtrack -- "Hombre Secreto"!


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