Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Did Sweden Steal the Soul of Sarah Records?

When I was in college, I developed an irrational obsession with the Sarah records label and all the imitators that label spawned. I hoarded 7" singles from bands like The Field Mice, Even As We Speak, St. Christopher, The Sugargliders, Blueboy, good god. I still have most of them, and it is a near certainty that I will punish you with a whole series of Sarah Records post in due time.

But it strikes me now (for I am in the mood to be stricken) that the sort of sickly sweet stuff that was coming out of the UK at that time seems to have wasted no time migrating to the continent. I remember, in those heady days, meeting various and sundry Germans and Frenchfolk at pop music festivals who were 10x further down the rabbithole than I was.

And, considering the history of pop music in Sweden, it's no wonder that the Swedes to stand firmly, proudly, at the top of the heap these days. No label better serves the needs of the pop-addicted and rageless than Labrador Records, who gave us the Acid House Kings and The Legends. A visit to their website reveals a mother lode of bands, records, and sample mp3s for download.

Right now, they've got up a smashing special Christmas single, which I present for you here.
South Ambulance - Hanging in a Tie

And a few winners culled from the back catalog:
The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight
The Legends - Make it All Right
Acid House Kings - This Heart is a Stone
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart (this one's a good time on several levels)
Buy them!


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