Monday, December 19, 2005

Here Are They Now : Sicko

Two things. One, I fully intend to use this space to follow up on all the bands I used to like and let you know what they're up to now. are gonna love it when I do that, I swear.

Sicko made some of the better-quality sloppity-poppity punk of the early mid-nineties: simple, straightforward, three-piece dork-punk from Seattle. After a seven year run from 1991-98, they called it quits.

Frontman Ean somethingorother went on to make a not dissimilar racket in Tales From the Birdbath, who went heavier on the pop and slop, lighter on the punk, while still catering to the geek in everyone, as evidenced by songs like the one below, from a 2004 session. Check out their website for a whole host of indie pop mp3s.

Sicko - Your Wake Buy it!
Tales From the Birdbath - Spirochae


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