Monday, December 26, 2005

Here Are They Now : Roads To Space Travel

So I'm back early. Roads To Space Travel, from Baltimore, were as good a band as any I can remember in the mid-to-late nineties...they played Baltimore-y music (not to be confused with Baltimora music like "Tarzan Boy"). Baltimore-y music, it seemed to me at the time, was like DCish music-- angular, carefully calculated, stoic and cerebral-- only somehow weirder.
Roads to Space Travel - Represent
Beg for a reissue!

Most indie rockers worth their salt would probably have done a better job keeping up with RTST's distinguished alums-- I, however, am not worth my salt, which is depressing, considering how little my salt is actually worth.

Turns out vocalist/bassist Roman Kubler is in the Oranges Band, and did some time in the popular rock outfit known as Spoon.
The Oranges Band - Ride the Nuclear Wave
Buy it!

Tim Baier and Greg Preston play in the very excellent Slow Jets.
Slow Jets - Ether Remains
Buy it!

And Adam Cooke plays in the Translucents, about whom I can find very little, except to say that they seem to be playing shows. So I gots nothing to offer you in the way of listening there. Instead, a little Spoonage, albeit a track not featuring Kubler. Just cuz.
Spoon - Sister Jack
Buy it!


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