Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hockey Night upcoming album preview

I posted a track by Hockey Night many months ago, placing them next to a post about Thin Lizzy. As it turns out, these guys are way into the Lizzy and their new album looks like it will trading in their faux-Pavement moves for a more arena-rock oriented style. Very pleasing to one such as myself. The band was kind enough to send me a few demos from their upcoming album (but forgot to put me on the guest list to their show at Cakeshop! Bastards.) Anyway, they rocked that little basement as it was meant to be rocked: with jokes, shirts off, spilled beer, over-loud guitar solos and two drummers that absolutely bring the party. Positive vibrations. Apologies to the band for posting this so long after the fact...

Hockey Night - Psychic Lightning (demo)
Hockey Night - Save the Clock Tower (demo)


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