Monday, July 23, 2007

Philly-Style : Steady B

B., we hardly knew ye.

Steady B.
Going Steady (12" remix)
Ego Trippin' (album version)
1989 Jive Records, NYC & Pop Art Records, Philadelphia

Read the sad story of Warren McGlone at Wikipedia.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Music Momentarily

Hilarious and infuriating:

Just infuriating:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

World, where is thy dash o' justice?

The Brilliant Corners from Bristol made clever, bouncy, jangly pop music that didn't make them as famous as the Housemartins. If there were a dash of justice in this world, things might've been diffo.

The Brilliant Corners
What's in a Word
1986 McQueen Records, Bristol

Side 1
Laugh I Could Have Cried
Brian Rix
I Never Said That

Side 2
A Very Easy Death
Sweet Brendan
Egotistical Me
Boy and the Cloud

I'll leave it to the authorities to tell you all about them:
Trouser Press
Themselves on MySpace

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blake Schwarzenbach teaches at Hunter

I read that somewhere and thought it was really very awesome.

But let's get to the point, shall we? Journey back with me. It's 1990. Jawbreaker are fresh out the box, coasting on the strength of their first LP, Unfun, and the sensi-tough ache of that song "Want," which always went next to Rites of Spring's "For Want Of" on my mixes. I was a wanter. Big time.

New Red Archives sees fit to release a comp on clear vinyl that presents the punk state of the union, featuring Samiam, Ultraman, Crucial Youth, Hogan's Heroes, Kraut, Bedlam Hour, and more. And Jawbreaker steals the show. (channeling my inner Kasem) Here's Blake Schwarzenbach, Adam Pfahler, and Chris Bauermeister -- Jawbreaker-- with "Rich."

Hardcore Breakout USA (vol. 1)
1990 New Red Archives, San Francisco (NRA18)

Here's AllMusic's take on the JB's.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Would-be civil servants, unite!

Hopes for the next administration:
1. There is still a government.
2. Responsible, intelligent people with big dreams want to work in it and on its behalf.
No small thing to ask for, considering what's gone down in the last six and a half years.

The Government Administrator
b/w Sugar Babe
1993 Hemiola Records, Leeds, UK (Hemiola #3)

John Rickman
Evan Shurak
Rob Christiansen
Andrew Beaujon

What a fist-pumper this is. No wonder John Peel dug it so deeply. In spite of all the joy provided by Christiansen's trombonery on the B-side, it's when he "plays guitar now brother" on this A-side that he kicks it like the go-to utility player, just matter-of-factly upping the ante per Mr. Beaujon's request. And it just keeps stepping on up for the remainder of the song, making it a jam to end all indie rock jams.

For more on Eggs, here's what AMG has to say.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Philly Style #2147a

The Electric Love Muffin
Playdoh Meathook
1987 Buy Our Records, Vauxhall NJ. BOR 12-012.

Side 1
Backstreet Ride
I Should Have
Look For Me
Norwegian Wood
This Time I'm Gone

Side 2
Blackness That Could be Blue
The Muffin March
One Year Removed
Tomorrow's Regrets
Magna Opus

recorded at Spectrum Studios, October 1985.
engineered by "Baba O' Schlepski"
mastered by chris gehringer at frankford/wayne nyc

The Muffin brought it, man. They bra..tit. Thrashy stoner punk, rave-ups, power pop. You couldn't find music more perfect for a Lazy Philly Summer (TM). If you think you could, play it for me and I will tell you you're sorely mistaken. And don't even make me post another track from Rassafranna.

More about the ELM at Everything2 and Trouser Press.

And they have a MySpace page.
And here they are covering Norwegian Wood live at CB's in March 1987.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

2.5+7 #2

Fat Tulips
On The Seventh Day
1991 Sunday Records, Rolling Meadows IL. Sunday 001

Mark D. (guitars)
Sheggi (vocals)
Paul (bass)
Matt (drums)
Virginia (backing vocals)

All songs written by Mark D.

For more on the Fatties, check out their wikipedia entry.

2. 5 lbs. + 7 in. #1

Love Child
Know It's Alright
1990 Trash Flow Records, Hoboken NJ. TF02

Love Child are:
Rebecca Odes
Alan Licht
Will Baum

Mixed and Mastered by Scott Hull.
Read more about them at Trouser Press.