Monday, October 31, 2005

We Had a Drink and then a Fight

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Jennifer O'Connor's beautiful songs really don't sound much like Liz Phair. Yes, she has a kind of pure, deep, flat (not off-key, but lacking vibrato) vocal delivery. But O' Connor's voice is richer and more emotive than Phair's. Nor does she sound much like Hope Sandoval, although this song features some slidey, spacey guitars like you might hear in a Mazzy Star track. But really, she just doesn't sound like these people, contrary to the opinions of people who express opinions in places.

Can't we just sit back and enjoy Jennifer O'Connor sounding like Jennifer O'Connor? Yes, let's.

Jennifer O'Connor - The Color and The Light

J-to-the-O'C is in the Matador records fold for her next release, but this track comes from the album of the same name, released earlier this year by Red Panda Records, which I sincerely hope is named for the two totally fucking awesome Red Pandas in the Prospect Park Zoo, and which is home to the equally marvelous Mascott and The Naysayer.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Warm Glow of the Computer Screen

Over the last few years a number of artists seem to be bringing some real humanity back into electronic music. The Germans, of course, are involved and lots of quality things are coming out of Cologne in particular these days. Schneider TM's (he's from Berlin actually) 2002 release Zoomer is a fine example of glitchy beats married to a lush pop sensibility. Really sexy vocoder too.

Schneider TM - Reality Check

Pulse Programming is based out of Chicago and like Schneider TM, they started out vocal-less and more ambient and have moved to a more pop-based sound. They too enjoy the vocoder.

Pulse Programming - Blooms Eventually

Detroit micro-house producer Matthew Dear is one of the big players at Ghostly International. This track is more of a traditional dance-floor cut, but is garnished with Dear's breathy vocals and some strong melodies.

Matthew Dear - But For You

Let Us Journey To a Place of Mystery...

Now that we've answered the musical question "do you want to party?" (we do.) But where? The Egyptian Lover suggests his home country.

Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt

More specifically, he appears to have a place with a great river view where we can party all night. In fact, if we don't have a ride, he will even send his camels to pick us up. That's a host!

Egyptian Lover - My House (On The Nile)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Look At Me Dance While I Show My Romance

Seeing as how it’s Saturday, and some people like to party on the weekends, I'm curious-- do you want to party?

Disco Four, from Harlem, were originally signed to Enjoy records, until making the leap to Profile in 1982. They were, according to allmusic, “one of the prime party-jam producers in rap’s old school.” I happen to think this track beats their bigger hit, “Do It, Do It” in terms of pure party-rockability. In fact, this jam insists on asking you whether you’d like to party, and then goes ahead and answers the question for you. And the answer is you do.

Disco 4 - We're At The Party

From Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack double LP on Profile.
An interview with Disco Four’s Greg G (pictured) can be found at Jayquan's site, here.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

In your stomach, in your mouth, in your tongue

My first lovebomb for the ears comes from Estonian indie röck legends Röövel Ööbik. Maybe someone else can offer more insight on their current "dancier" body of work (under the name Una Bomba), but all I can say is my brother gave me this Estonian rock comp called "Eesti Rock No. 11" in the late-early nineties, and this indie rock song, nestled there among the metal and new wave holdovers, cried out to me with urgency (as if in an emergency). Founded in the summer of 1987 by Raul Saaremets (formerly of punk heroes Must Mamba), the Ööbik have been kicking it in one way or another since then (even scoring the only-ever Eesti slot on John Peel's show in 1993). Anyway, it's all here, at a label called Umblu.

Röövel Ööbik - Inner Sun

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Diane Cluck lays three tracks of ghostly, warbling harmonies over this folk ballad (complete with lyrics about miners and mine shafts, no less.) Some nice Joni Mitchell twists and turns in her falsetto seal the deal.

New Yorker's may be interested in her
CD release party:
Monday, November 7 @ 8:00 P.M.
OTHER MUSIC 15 East 4th Street NYC (212) 477.8150 Free Admission/Limited Capacity

Diane Cluck - Easy To Be Around

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Long & Short Of It

Sure 70's punk rock always wore its 50's rock and roll roots with pride - the return to the primitive, primal, fun, etc... However, probably due to the vocal, ahem, limitations of most of the singers of that ilk we never got see many references to that great 50's rock style: Doo-Wop. The Stiff Little Fingers, that great and savage ultra-political group from Ireland took a crack at it and came up aces.

The Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love

"Trio And Group Dancers" is pulled from what is often considered Charles Mingus' best recording, 1963's six part ballet "The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady." This is 18+ minutes of flamenco dancers, orgasmic freakout, sexy strut and those trademark Mingus guttural and raunchy horn blasts. This is the sound of real ambition being played out by men with all the tools. Mock-conducting this one at home is treat, for those so inclined.

Charles Mingus - Trio And Group Dancers

Saturday, October 22, 2005

You're So Young and I'm So Well Hung

Link I saw Diamond Nights at their EP record release a while back. They had that "classic" rock band magic; each member pulling the on-stage persona (the cocky, aloof singer; the clean cut, virtuoso guitarist; the dirty coke-head mustachioed bassist; the happy-go-lucky drummer with a huge pile of curly locks, a shit-eating grin and a mic for "singing along.") Dancing hipster girls, strategically placed in the front and an ultra tight sound that mashed BOC, Thin Lizzy, Urge Overkill, Billy Idol into a pop friendly arena-rock sound didn't hurt neither. This was the only thing I listened to for a week, and that's saying a lot these days.

Diamond Nights - Destination Diamonds
Diamond Nights - Dirty Thief

All Guns Blazing

Becky Stark (pictured left) reaches out for the heavens. This woman could lead men off to war with smiles on their faces. Lavender Diamond is the band that she fronts. They are creating some new traditions.

Lavender Diamond -You Broke My Heart

Wendy Rene had a few singles on Stax through the 60's. Dunno if this was a hit, but there is a desperate sexiness burning here that will bring the blood up. And that rhythm section is swinging hard.

Wendy Rene - Give You What I Got

Springsteen cover, done Kraut style. What that sounds funny to you? Now you funny too.

Electrelane - I'm On Fire