Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mastodon/Converge coming to NYC

My stomach has been churning, anticipating the punishment to come at the Mastodon/Converge/The Bronx show on September 8th @ Webster Hall. Mastodon specializes in a muscular, technical and very textural brand of metal and they have been my starting point for all things hard and heavy over the last year. Their 2005 album Leviathan is a sprawling concept album based on, of course, Moby Dick. These bruisers are serious.

Mastodon - Island

Their new record, Blood Mountain, arrives on September 11th. Stream the Maiden-riffic new stuff from their myspace page.

Converge are coming from the more progressive hardcore side of things; I was just introduced to them last week. Omigoditsfullofstars. These guys are smart and pummelling and even know when not to play. They also have mastered that art of sounding completely unhinged and in-control at the same time. Definitely my new favorite band.

Converge - Last Light
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